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Invoices are sent by email or through an e-billing system, as you prefer.  Payment is due within 30 days.  Overdue balances accrue interest at prevailing rates.

Forms of Payment 

Checks and wire transfers are accepted. Checks can be mailed to the address on your invoice. Payments should be made in US dollars. 


Charge Throughs

Out-of-pocket costs and expenses, such as government filing fees, outsourced bulk copying costs, and express courier charges, will be itemized and billed to you at cost without markup.  Charge-throughs are in addition to fees for legal services, regardless of fee option (described at left).  

Nickels & Dimes

I do not charge for routine office expenses such as faxing, copying, standard US mail, and domestic telephone calls.  These costs are included in the fee.

Atypical Expenses

I will discuss with you in advance any unusual expenses that may come up, such as travel, third party consultants (such as tax or patent attorney input), exceptionally high volumes, etc.  I know you don't want surprises on your bill. 

Hourly Rate 

The hourly rate is the traditional fee structure for legal services.  You pay for the time actually spent on your project.  This fee option is the standard for commercial transactions. I offer an extremely competitive hourly rate.  

Monthly Block Time 

In a block time fee structure, you pay an agreed monthly fee for a fixed volume of attorney work or hours.  This gives you a level of financial predictability and ease of access.  Work volume or hours in excess of the agreed block are charged at hourly rates.  However, I'll let you know when you are approaching the block limit so you can prioritize the workflow.  Maybe some projects can wait until the next month.

Flat Fee

Certain discrete, routine services, such as corporate formation, can be structured on a flat fee basis.  I'll let you know right away if I learn of any unusual circumstances that warrant charges beyond quoted the flat fee.   

Contingency, Equity & Barter

Contingency and other outcome-based fees are not available fee options.  Likewise, payment in the form of services, shares of stock, or similar non-cash consideration are not accepted. 

Costs and Expenses (described at right)
​are in addition to all fee options.

Christine N. Schnarr Chiarello,